Marisia, Jessica and Bridget take on the adventure-date for this week’s episode of The Bachelor SA

Thursday night’s episode of The Bachelor SA will see the top three women partaking in their final dates before meeting Marc’s family, slowing edging their way to a possible proposal.

The upcoming episode of M-Net’s The Bachelor SA, which airs on Thursday, 14 May 2020, will see Marisia, Jessica and Bridget heading off onto their adventure-dates, where they spend their last date with Marc before the finale. The episode will see Bridget clarifying her intentions with Marc, where she states that she would like to move in with him before their potential marriage. Jessica’s date sees the couple going on a safari, where Marc is able to gauge what it would be like to travel with his potential pick.

Marisia’s date sets audiences up for the most drama, as a freak accident causes panic. Marc chose to take her on a horse-riding date on the beach, which is supposedly one of Marisia’s favourite pastimes. While on the horse, Marisia is flung off, leaving audience members wondering what the consequences of that date were.

Watch the preview for the upcoming episode of The Bachelor SA below.