MasterChef season 3: Becky Reams

Becky Reams may not have made it to the final of MasterChef season three, but she has been very successful outside of the show.

MasterChef has been on the air for quite some time, but season 3 of the show remains a fan-favorite to this day.

Becky Reams is one of the most memorable contestants from this season. And although she was eliminated before the season’s finale, she continues to be a force in the culinary world.

MasterChef (US) season 3 still holds up

There is no doubt that MasterChef has showcased some incredible talent throughout its run on television, but certain seasons of the show remain close to fans’ hearts, even to this day.

Season three is one such season, which scored some of the show’s highest viewership numbers to date, with over 5.8 million viewers (on average) tuning in to watch the show in the summer of 2012.

However, what really set this season apart from the others and what has continued to secure its place on “Best MasterChef seasons of all time” rankings are the incredible emotional storylines in this season.

This includes a special episode where the chefs cooked for hundreds of marines, and of course, Christine Hà’s memorable win.

MasterChef season 3: Becky Reams

Though season 3 of MasterChef remains one of the most popular seasons of the show until now, the season still had its fair share of drama and controversy.

One of the contestants from this season who was, unfortunately at the heart of most of this drama, is Becky Reams.

Before Becky entered the MasterChef competition in 2012 and became one of the 18 lucky contestants competing for their chance at winning the $250,000 and cookbook-deal grand prize, she was a food and lifestyle photographer.

Becky was clearly one of the most confident and competitive contestants on this season of the show, and although it made her a favorite among some fans, it also caused a lot of upset throughout the show.

Becky eventually took home the second runner-up title for season 3 of MasterChef, after winning seven times in the challenges and consistently placing high in most of the other challenges.

There are still some fans who argue, to this day, that Becky deserved the win for this, but considering that she has gone on to have such a successful career in the culinary arts, albeit not in food styling exactly, since the competition ended, this detail hardly seems important so many years down the line.

Becky has even returned to the show twice, in seasons 6 and 10, in order to share some of the wisdom that she gained through her own experiences with the new contestants.

Becky Reams’s track record on MasterChef season 3

During her run on season 3 of MasterChef, Becky broke two records. When Becky was eliminated after reaching the Top 3, she became the first contestant to never have their audition aired on television.

She also still holds the record for the most times (5) being in the top group for the Mystery Box Challenge.

Her full track record on the show is as follows:

Week Result
4 In
5 Win
6 In
7 Win
8 In
9 Win
10 Win
11 In
12 In
13 In
14 In
15 Win
16 Win
17 In
18 Win
19 Eliminated

What has Becky been up to since MasterChef season 3?

When Becky was eliminated from the MasterChef competition just before the finale, she decided to trade in her old career in food styling and photography for a career as a chef, cooking full time.

However, Becky’s profession is not the only thing that has evolved over the years. According to her Facebook page, she and her husband welcomed their second son on November 6, 2022.

Becky’s successful career as a chef

If you still follow Becky on any kind of social media platform, you will know that her love for cooking is as strong as ever.

When Becky decided to start cooking full time, she started at some of the toughest restaurants in Los Angeles, until 2014, when she was hired as the chef de partie at The Church Key restaurant.

This one culinary endeavor was just not enough though, and Becky soon also started building her pop-up brunch bar “Bang Bang Brunch”, which later became a fully-fledged catering and personal chef business.

Since then, Becky has also been involved in “Lately” (another brunch concept restaurant).

Becky has now dropped the Bang Bang name, but she is still heavily involved in the personal chef and catering business under her own name. Moreover, she continues to serve as a restaurant consultant for various new projects.