MasterChef season 4: Where are they now?

The MasterChef season four winner was Luca Manfé, who has since grown into a popular culinary personality; we take a look at where his fellow contestants are now.

MasterChef is one of the most popular culinary reality format shows currently still airing. First premiering in 2010, the show has a total of 11 seasons to date and shows no signs of slowing down as it remains one of FOX Network’s flagship shows.

Considering that the show has 11 seasons, fans are always interested in finding out what happened to the contestants of past seasons following their appearance.

In this article, we look back at where season four’s contestants are now, including MasterChef season four winner, Luca Manfé.

What is MasterChef (US)?

MasterChef US first premiered in 2010. The series was a BBC original cooking competition reality show, with the US version marking what would be the first international spin-off.

Moreover, the local spin-off marked the introduction of Gordon Ramsay as part of the franchise. Ramsay was already popular for fronting and being the executive producer of Hell’s Kitchen at the time.

Ben Adler, Robin Ashbrook and Adeline Ramage Rooney are credited with developing the US adaptation of the show, with the premise being, “A nationwide search for the best home cooks in America. One of 50 hopefuls will become a culinary star and one of America’s Masterchefs.”

MasterChef season 4: Where are they now?

MasterChef season four aired between May 2013 and September 2013. Gordon Ramsay reprised his role as host and head chef, with Graham Elliot and Joe Bastianich as the resident guest judges of the season.

Up for grabs was the title of Masterchef season four, a $250 000 cash prize, and the opportunity to have your own cookbook published. The season had a total of 19 home cooks competing for the win.

When it came down to it, Luca Manfé walked away as the winner of season four. After his win, the former restaurant manager published his first cookbook titled My Italian Kitchen: Favorite Family Recipes.

MasterChef season 4: Where are they now?
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Initially he started his own catering company called Dinner with Luca, and a food truck called The Lucky Fig. However, the food truck closed within a year of its opening.

Since then, Luca has continued to work as a private chef, also becoming a content creator offering online cooking lessons. He recently returned to MasterChef in March 2022 to cook mushroom crepes and Aperol spritz.

Moreover, we look at the rest of the 18 hopefuls of season four and where they are now, in the order they were eliminated in.

MasterChef season 4 bottom 18: Where are they now?

Natasha Crnjac was the runner up of MasterChef season four, however, after the show she returned to being a stay-at-home mom, before becoming a private chef.

In 2019, she opened her own catering and meal prep company, Meal Prep Boutique, situated in California.

Though the business was successful, in recent years, Crnjac has focused on being a stay-at-home mom as she shares her travels with her children on Instagram.

Jessie Lysiak was eliminated in episode 24. Since then, she has become a private chef and married a professional hockey player, becoming Jessie Lysiak Braun. Jessie most recently appeared on MasterChef season 10’s reunion episode.

Krissi Biasiello was eliminated in episode 23. Since then, the former paralegal has become a contentious private chef, in light of the backlash she received for her racist tweet, and revealing in February 2021 that she has cancer, she is currently undergoing treatment, and has stayed away from social media.

James Nelson was eliminated in episode 22 after his failed panna cotta dish. Afterwards, he returned to food sales and hospitality as the co-owner and director of popular hot sauce brand, Bravado Spice.

Bri Kozior was initially eliminated in episode 16 and returned during episode 18’s special episode of eliminated contestants competing to return to the competition. However, she was eliminated again in episode 20.

Thereafter, she became a private chef and gym instructor. Her catering company is called Hashtag Kitchen. Currently, she is a business development manager in a pharmaceutical company.

Jordan Roots was eliminated in episode 19. He started a kickstarter campaign to fund a new food cart, but it could not raise the $50000 he needed.

Thereafter, he went back to being a delivery driver before starting his own catering company, Salted Roots Catering. Now, he is the head chef at Wooden Hill Brewing.

MasterChef season 4 bottom 12: Where are they now?

Eddie Jackson was eliminated in episode 17 after a sushi challenge, but this was only the beginning of his television career.

Jackson hosted Eddie Jackson’s Game Day Playbook and Eddie Jackson’s Fitness Playbook on Moreover, he is a recurring celebrity guest on the Food Network and is team captain of Food Network’s BBQ Brawl, season two.

Similarly, Bethy Rossos, who was eliminated in episode 15, went on to appear more on television as the host of her 2011 show, Adrenaline Hunter.

Furthermore, she worked as a private chef running her own waffle food truck. She also shares her cooking adventures on her website.

Savannah Sturges was eliminated in episode 14. After MasterChef she became a private chef, but she also works as an assistant principal at a high school.

Lynn Chyi was eliminated in episode 18. Since his appearance, Chyi focused on becoming a graphic designer, working as a design system engineering manager at Workday.

Jonny Blanchard was eliminated in episode 12. After the show, Johnny became a father to twin boys and while he continues to cook, he is not a professional cook.

Beth Kirby was eliminated in episode 11. After MasterChef, Beth used her experience as a writer and photographer to become a food blogger. She also works as a private chef and runs a business advice network through her website.

MasterChef season four bottom 6: Where are they now?

Bime Cruz was eliminated in episode 10. Thereafter, he went on to work at Stoneforge Tavern, then The Foundry. He then became the head chef at Cibo Matto Caffe in 2018.

Howard Simpson was eliminated in episode 9. Following MasterChef, he worked as a chef at Hillstone Restaurants and R+D Kitchen Newport. In 2019, he pivoted, opening his own car detailing business.

Kathy Prieto was eliminated in episode eight, but was later offered an internship at one of Gordon’s restaurants. After the elimination, she trained with Ramsay for two days at his London restaurant, but was asked not to return.

She then opened her own catering company called Fire’s Flaming Kitchen, and a similar business not long after, called Raad Kitchen, which offers catering and drinks services.

Malcolm Green was eliminated in episode six. Following his appearance, he went on to open his own catering company called Malia’s Catering.

Adriana Guillen was eliminated in episode five. After MasterChef she started a YouTube channel focused on vegetarian meals and recipes. The YouTube channel supports her private catering company called Authentically Mexican | Deliciously Vegetarian.

Sasha Foxx was eliminated in episode four. Following MasterChef, she would take part on America’s Got Talent, furthering her musical aspirations. Moreover, she featured on a number of cookery segments while hosting pop-up dining experiences.

Final thoughts

MasterChef’s intention has always been giving home cooks the opportunity to live out their culinary aspirations. With 11 seasons to date, each season, the contestants featured use their newly found acclaim for various reasons.

Some fulfil their culinary aspirations as they create catering companies or become private chefs, while others use the opportunity to further their aspirations in their already chosen corporate careers.

Some hang their culinary aprons up after the show to focus on other, new aspirations.