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Matthew Dalton joins cast of Isono as DJ Cas De Flame

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Matthew Dalton has joined the cast of BET Africa’s Isono, taking on the character of DJ Cas De Flame, who is Noluthando’s love interest.

Matthew Dalton has been announced as the latest actor to join the cast of BET Africa’s weeknight drama series, Isono. Matthew takes on the role of Casey, also known as DJ Cas De Flame, who entered the storyline as Noluthando’s love interest and made his debut on Monday, 25 January 2021.

The DJ introduced himself as a part-time mixologist, whilst attempting to impress Noluthando with his ability to make punch. After exchanging flirtations, Casey asked Noluthando out, but raised a red flag when he asked her to pick him up for their date.

Their interaction took place in front of Simon, who was perturbed by the DJ’s attempt at winning the young lady over. Simon also claimed that he had caught DJ Cas De Flame replicating another DJ’s set at a club, proving that he is a fraud.

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