Mi Casa and YouNotUs explore South Africa in Chucks music video

Mi Casa teamed up with German duo, YouNotUs, for the release of the Chucks music video, which sees them exploring various parts of South Africa.

Mi Casa took to Twitter on Wednesday, 7 April 2021, to announce the availability of the Chucks music video, featuring German duo, YouNotUs. The music video sees Mi Casa taking the German duo on an excursion to showcase the beauty of South Africa.

The Marvin Stroter-directed music video sees the collaborators exploring various landscapes, including barren and deserted building structures, sandy land, and a yacht trip with friends. While the music video might not depict the lyrical content of the single, it manages to capture the mood and energy of the song.

Following its release, the song has received more television plays since being listed on popular music-based television channels. Moreover, the music video has drawn more attention to the actual single, which was released earlier in the year.

Watch the Chucks music video below.