Mihlali Ndamase creates a make-up look using the new Revlon Candid collection

The beauty influencer shared a video of her latest make-up product review featuring the new range from beauty brand, Revlon.

South African beauty influencer and make-up artist, Mihlali Ndamase, took to Instagram on Monday, 16 September 2019, to reveal the make-up look she created using the new make-up collection from beauty brand, Revlon. The beauty brand recently released their Candid collection and Mihlali shared her review of the products.

In the video she shared on her YouTube channel, the vlogger started off her make-up look with the photo ready rose gold primer which she said was essential for dry skin. She followed the step with the foundation, which was the main product on review. She noted that the foundation was her favourite product from the range and that she had almost finished her first tube. The next step was the concealer, which she shared was her least favourite from the collection and moved on to set it with a setting powder.

After the powder, Mihlali did her eyebrows before moving on to using the eyeshadow palette from beauty brand, Morphe’s collaboration with American beauty vlogger, James Charles. Her eyeshadow look featured an ombre pattern of pink shimmer and dark purple, which she created using the cut crease technique.

To finish off the bright ombre pink look, the beauty vlogger applied her final touches, which included a pair of bold lashes, blush, highlighter from beauty brand, Fenty Beauty, and finally, a subtle lip colour under a beige lip gloss.

Watch Mihlali’s make-up tutorial video below.