Mihlali Ndamase gives rise to a Kay Yarms trend on Twitter

Mihlali Ndamase is said to be behind the recent Kay Yarms trend on Twitter, as she reportedly referenced the coherency of her Instagram Stories.

Mihlali Ndamase took to Twitter on Sunday, 20 June 2021, and shared a post that is believed to have led to fellow YouTuber and beauty content creator, Kay Yarms trending. This is not the first time that Kay Yarms has captured Twitter’s attention, floating her onto the trends list. The first notable time was back in 2020, when her alleged fight with fellow YouTuber, Naledi Mallela was topical, as the two were allegedly fighting over hubbly.

However, the recent trend was a more positive one than the aforementioned. It started after Mihlali detailed that she was having a lazy day and that Kay Yarms would not be proud of her. As those that follow Kay Yarms on Instagram would know, Kay Yarms always seems to be booked and busy.

Her Instagram Stories continually show her starting and achieving an errand or task in a matter of hours. For instance, in her stories, the beauty influencer and content creator can be seen washing her wigs, styling them, lay them, and completing a makeup look all in an hour or less. Thus, her productivity has sparked a trend on Twitter, with her name being used as an adjective or verb for achieving one’s goals for the day, all in record time.

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