Mihlali Ndamase on Mercedes looting tweet: The intent wasn’t to be insensitive

Mihlali Ndamase has shared a thread apologising for her inflammatory tweet, in which she inquired about when MercedesBenz would be looted.

Mihali Ndamase took to Twitter on Tuesday, 13 July 2021, to apologise for her since-deleted inflammatory post on looting Mercedes-Benz. The star was called out by Hazel MaHazard, who has gained Twitter notoriety as Prince Kaybee’s alleged mistress. The influencer called Ndamase out after she had deleted the post.

She stated, “Must be something in those makeup brushes or foundation because wow. Don’t tell me that she didn’t ask to be anyone’s role model (and) as a public figure, you have an equal responsibility that accompanies your fame and some things should stay in your drafts. Please.”

Due to MaHazard’s notoriety, many labelled the post as clout chasing. Moreover, the suggestions were followed by further suggestions of MaHazard being jealous of Ndamase’s success, hence populating the post meant in jest. Due to the topicality of the post, Ndamase seemingly felt that she had to offer a formal apology on the matter.

See the post below.