Mihlali Ndamase populates video of herself nearly falling in heels

Mihlali Ndamase chose to share a blooper from a recent video she was trying to take to share on social media, which showed her nearly falling in heels.

Mihlali Ndamase took to Twitter on Tuesday, 26 January 2021, to share a video of herself strutting out of a building, only for her legs to buckle and cause for her to almost fall in her high heels. The clip immediately went viral and topped the Twitter trends list, with many praising the beauty blogger for showcasing a lighter side of her personality. One of the compliments received a peculiar response from Mihlali, leading to a discussion breaking out on her timeline.

One user tweeted, “I love how Mihlali owned up to that almost fell and [made it] all a joke before Twitter people could make it trend and laugh at her.” Mihlali responded, “… But I’m the one who posted, so I don’t understand.”

Many of her fans began attacking the follower, questioning him on why he thought the video had come from another source. Fans reassured the user that the celebrity climate in South Africa does not encourage paparazzi, so if a video goes viral, it is usually the personality who populated it.

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