Mihlali Ndamase shares her opinion on the lack of accountability from men

Social media influencer, Mihlali Ndamase, took to Twitter to share her opinion on the lack of accountability from men and the burden it puts on women.

In a series of two tweets shared on Wednesday, 30 October 2019, Mihlali Ndamase sparked an online discussion when she shared her thoughts on how women are constantly addressed on social media when it comes to anything negative they may have contributed to a relationship. The starlet noted that when it comes to men, their reputation is protected as their names are never mentioned. She particularly addressed a series of tweets which referred to her past relationship without mentioning her ex-boyfriend’s name and questioned why that courtesy was not extended to women.

Mihlali tweeted, “Women are constantly burdened with men’s actions, men are never held accountable, ever.”, and followed with, “Nothing bores me more than the “[so and so’s] ex” tweets. Why don’t you say people’s names and leave their ex’s out of their mess? When you want to speak [nonsense] about women you write out names and handles but when it’s time to call out men, [it’s] “Mihlali’s ex” … did you forget his name?”.

Fans immediately rallied around the social media star by supporting her opinions. Fifi Moeng commented with, “Somehow a woman has to be involved, how dare he becomes the only one to be accounted for when you have dated him? They assume you go into these things with these people knowing he’s an animal.” Laurie Machumane also stated, “You are absolutely right. Double standards at its best.”