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Mihlali Ndamase shares two days of her life in latest YouTube video

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On Thursday, 17 October 2019, beauty and social media influencer, Mihlali Ndamase, shared her latest vlog, which provides an insider’s look into two days of her life.

The vlog episode is titled A Random Day In My Life. However, the entry was shot over two days; between Thursday, 3 October 2019 and Friday, 4 October 2019. The first day of the vlog focused primarily on her personal interaction with friends and family. The video starts with preparing for the day ahead with a cup of tea.

The vlog then cuts to an already dressed Mihlali, heading to her first interview for the day. During this part of the vlog, the influencer shares two insights into who she is. She revealed that she does not like long drives; however, she does not mind catching flights for work. She also notes that she is not always the most punctual person. The rest of the day focuses on her pedicure date with her friend before she has to attend a Louis Vuitton event in the evening.

The second day of the vlog starts with a make-up-free Mihlali attending a doctor’s appointment to help remove her stretch marks. She then takes viewers with her as she runs her errands. During her errand run, she shares the importance of reading a contract before signing it, citing that even after a verbal agreement, it is important to read the final written contract to ensure that you are not short-changed. The Mihlali N creator then shares her most candid thought while she puts on her make-up ahead of the two events that she was to attend later that day. In the segment, she shares the importance of following one’s own path, noting that this is especially important if one can afford to further their studies. Speaking on the matter, she states, “Own lane. Own race. Own pace.”

Watch the A Random Day In My Life vlog below.

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