Mihlali Ndamase sparks pregnancy rumours with recent Instagram post

YouTube sensation, Mihlali Ndamase’s name trended on Twitter after social media users speculated that the beauty influencer might be pregnant, following a recent Instagram Story video. 

Mihlali Ndamase attended the Zara online store launch party on Tuesday, 17 September 2019. During the event, the highest paid South African Instagammer posted an image of herself nestling her bloated tummy on her Instagram Stories. Captioning the image, she wrote, “My best kept secret.” The image was then circulated on Twitter, causing many social media users to debate whether she was revealing that she is expecting.

The first comments shared how influential the Mihlali N creator is, with social media users stating how anytime she posts anything, her name automatically trends. One such comment said, “Mihlali is that pretty lady who trends for breathing. She trends for putting her hand on her stomach. She trends for basically anything. She’s the girl.” Another follower that agreed, stated, “Mihlali uploaded today [her latest make up tutorial and review video on YouTube] and had to get all of you talking. Makes sense.”

Comments from most social media users were more concerned about who could have fathered the supposed child. One social media user wrote, in part, “I don’t think I’m coping guys.” Another male comment said, “If Mihlali is really pregnant guys please bring me the guy who got her pregnant, I just want to talk to him.”

Other social media users who were adamant that she was not pregnant justified their belief by explaining that she was on contraceptives. One social media user said, “But Mihlali had a five-year implant earlier this year, how is she pregnant?” Another social media user who follows Mihlali also reaffirmed that, “Mihlali was preaching about the Mirena a few days ago. Nope, not pregnant.”