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Mike Ndlangamandla believes Durban Gen will showcase various aspects of a doctor’s life

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Mike Ndlangamandla, who plays Dr Lindelani Zulu on eTV’s Durban Gen, has shared insight into his character, who balances a love triangle and being a superior at the hospital.

Mike Ndlangamandla takes on one of the pivotal characters on eTV’s upcoming medical drama, Durban Gen, Dr Lindelani Zulu. The character is described as an attractive surgeon who has undeniable chemistry with the protagonist, Mbali Mthethwa, played by Nelisiwe Sibiya. Lindelani soon finds himself in a love triangle with Mbali and her fiancé, Sibusiso, who is unwilling to give up his partner just yet.

In an interview with JustNje on Friday, 11 September 2020, Mike discussed his role, which he believes will showcase the complex lives of medical practitioners.

Mike began by noting that his lead role had come at a time where South African actors were certain they would not work for a long time. He relayed his gratitude to the production, which has cast him as one of the prominent characters in the storyline. He went on to explain that his role has challenged him more than any other role he has taken on before, as playing a doctor involves many critical elements.

He stated, “The great thing about Durban Gen is that you are at a hospital. Other roles will give you a character that is a doctor, but you just go and come [to the hospital]. But in this show, you see the everyday life of a doctor, so it has been a challenge.”

He also explained that the character’s storyline of being a surgeon who has fallen for a colleague humanizes medical practitioners, who are often assumed to be only focused on their work.

Listen to the full interview below.

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