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Minnie Dlamini Jones details her MD Body skincare journey on Power FM

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On Saturday, 27 July 2019, Minnie Dlamini Jones joined Power FM’s Pabi Moloi on the breakfast show to discuss what inspired her to start her own brand of skincare products.

South African media personality, Minnie Dlamini Jones, explained that the idea came after having wanted to be a brand ambassador for one of the top face product brands in the country. She explained that this was how artists in the industry generate wealth, as opposed to being just media personalities. After having waited for a long time without the opportunity of ambassadorship presenting itself, Minnie decided to create the role for herself by launching a skincare line.

Earlier in the year, Minnie Dlamini Jones announced via social media that she had finally released her own brand of skincare products called MD Body SA, a long-awaited breakthrough. The body care products consist of body wash, body soap and lotion that are all made available at a quality level and affordable prices.

The journey of creating the products involved doing extensive research on the South African market and realising that there exists a gap for local products and a need, Minnie told Pabi. As someone who wanted to contribute to the imbalanced economy of South Africa as an entrepreneur, this was a great opportunity to start for Minnie.

The inspiration to become an entrepreneur has been further motivated by Minnie’s desire to create a long-term and sustainable career in the media industry as she is deeply passionate about it. She noted that her company, MD Body SA, was a step towards that direction. Minnie expressed that she looked forward to extending the legacy of her parents who afforded her the best opportunities, growing up, by owning her brand. She wrapped up the interview by emphasising the importance of creating generational wealth, to ensure that her future generations are afforded even better opportunities.

Dineo Maboke
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