Miss South Africa, Tamaryn Green wants to break the stigma around TB

Tamaryn Green has opened up about her battle with TB and how she was eventually cured and says she hopes to break the stigmas surrounding the illness.

Reigning Miss South Africa, Tamaryn Green has revealed the cause that she will be promoting for the remainder of her reign. The medical student has opened up about her battle with tuberculosis and says she wants to use her platform as Miss South Africa to break the stigma associated with the illness. Green was diagnosed with Tuberculosis (TB) in June 2015 during her third year of varsity.

“I could no longer handle the discomfort of sitting through lectures. I then spoke to my lecturer who immediately got me help from a specialist doctor at Groot Schuur,” Green said. “The university was very supportive throughout the process and offered counselling. My treatment continued until I developed a hepatitis secondary to the medication. This was when it got really bad. I felt ill every day for a month and I deferred my exams and moved back home.”

Green was eventually cured but noted that the entire process and ordeal was very traumatic for her. She continued to say that she felt very disappointed in herself for falling ill.

“I always saw myself as a strong and independent woman. While being ill I was vulnerable and needed help. I learned you don’t have to deal with everything by yourself. I was disappointed in myself for falling ill, placing more strain on my family and deferring an exam as a third-year medical student,” she said.

By sharing her story, she hopes to help people affected by the illness and ultimately, break the TB stigma.