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Mlindo The Vocalist distances himself from mixer debacle involving Shimza

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Mlindo The Vocalist has distanced himself from the trending Mlindo, who is implicated in the mixer debacle involving Shimza, clarifying that he is not involved.

Mlindo The Vocalist clarified that the Mlindo that was trending on Twitter on Thursday, 21 May 2020, was not him, but rather, “Mlindo The Mixer.” The confusion started after Shimza took to social media to assert that he has Theo, popularly known as Theology HD’s mixer, adding that he has no intentions of returning it until the Mlindo in question returned his.

While Shimza and Theology HD stated their cases publicly through their social media posts, Mlindo has remained mum on the matter. His silence on social media led to many Twitter users trying to figure out who the infamous Mlindo is.

The Macala musician then took to Twitter and, in a series of tweets, asserted that he is not the Mlindo in question, suggesting the name “Mlindo The Mixer” to differentiate between them.

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