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Moja Love faces backlash for content of upcoming show, Umakhwapheni

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Moja Love’s upcoming reality series, Umakhwapheni, has been a topic of controversy, as some social media users believe it promotes infidelity and toxic relationships.

Moja Love’s upcoming reality show, Umakhwapheni’s advert has been broadcast on the channel throughout the week, sparking conversation on the content of the series. According to the channel, the new series will centre around women who are colloquially referred to as “side chicks,” who are involved with people that are already in relationships.

The advert being circulated calls upon the public to submit their stories about how they are disregarded in their relationship, due to the fact that their partners have wives or long-term girlfriends. The show will then contact the men to find out the intention of their relationship with the complainant, to determine if they would leave their partners for their ”side chicks.”

Some social media users have expressed outrage at the content of the show, as they believe that Umakhwapheni is promoting infidelity and giving men the power to choose between multiple women. One user tweeted, “Guys, as soon as this show is aired, I’m going to compile a comprehensive, [all-inclusive] complaint and send it to the BCCSA so this show can be cancelled.”

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