Moonchild Sanelly releases new single, Yebo Teacher

Moonchild Sanelly has released her first single of the year, Yebo Teacher, marking the first independent single since her 2020-released album, N*des.

Moonchild Sanelly took to Instagram on Tuesday, 29 June 2021, to confirm the availability of her new single, Yebo Teacher. Sanelly’s new single is a surprise release, considering the release date. However, Sanelly had already been teasing the upcoming visuals for the single prior to its release.

With Yebo Teacher, Sanelly marks a disjuncture from promoting her 2020 album, N*des. The single not only marks her first single of the year, but it also affirms that she is also working on new music. For this single, Sanelly collaborated with Josiah De Disciple, tapping into the amapiano sound. The single is a blend of classic amapiano instrumentations and high-energy and electronic dance music influences found in Sanelly’s catalogue.

Lyrically, the single references the experience of being in a public school and the use of the term, “Yebo, Teacher”, which translates to “Yes, Ma’am.” Throughout the single, Sanelly shares the various instances where school children use the term, whether to berate, consent or defy.

The single is available for purchase on Apple Music.

Listen to Yebo Teacher below.