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Moozlie announced as new brand partner of CRUZ Vodka

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Moozlie has been announced as the newest brand partner of CRUZ Vodka, and is said to be working with the CRUZ brand team to represent and build CRUZ Manhattan Blossom.

Moozlie, full name Nomuzi Mabena, has been announced as the brand partner of CRUZ Vodka. The musician will be joining fellow rapper, AKA, who has worked alongside the premium liquor brand since 2018. As a partner, Moozlie will be heading the representation of CRUZ Manhattan Blossom, in terms of the drinks’ overall brand. It has also been confirmed that she and the brand have committed to a long-term partnership, which has secured Moozlie her share in the vodka’s profit split per bottle sold throughout Africa. This is said to be a rare deal in the South African spirit beverage industry.

In a statement issued on Monday, 14 September 2020, Moozlie stated, “CRUZ Vodka is one of the most forward-thinking brands I’ve ever worked with. From what the team [has] been able to achieve with AKA to all the exciting things we’ve got planned with Manhattan Blossom, I appreciate that this brand respects the influence and creative genius artists bring to the table. I have no doubt this will lead to more music, more good times, more milestones & more success for the whole team.”

CRUZ Manhattan Blossom is made from the original CRUZ Vintage Black Vodka, infused with Juniper and Rose. Along with its Juniper flavouring, the drink comprises hints of rose, coupled with spiced ruby grapefruit and cucumber undertones.

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