Mpho Popps and Roseanna Hall appear in How To Ruin Christmas

Mpho Popps and Roseanna Hall were excited to feature in Netflix’s How To Ruin Christmas, as the real-life couple appears as a couple in the movie as well.

Mpho Popps and Roseanna Hall made a cameo in Netflix’s first African original Christmas movie, How To Ruin Christmas, which premiered on Wednesday, 16 December 2020. The actors, who are a couple in real life, appear as a couple travelling alongside Tumi. During the trip, the characters annoy Tumi, whose peaceful flight is interrupted by their overbearing behaviour.

Both Mpho and Roseanna took to Instagram on Thursday, 17 December 2020, to express their excitement at being given the opportunity to portray a couple on-screen. Roseanna stated, “A little Netflix cameo. Me and Mpho are a couple that played a couple.” Mpho also shared a post on his personal page, stating, “Couples who debut on Netflix together. I wouldn’t go as far as comparing us to Connie and Shona Ferguson, but hey… One day [is] one day.”

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