Ms Cosmo releases Bhuti music video, featuring Boity and Moonchild Sanelly

Ms Cosmo has announced the release of the music video of her latest single, Bhuti, featuring Boity and Moonchild Sanelly.

Ms Cosmo took to Instagram on Wednesday, 11 August 2021, to confirm the release of the Bhuti music video, featuring Boity and Moonchild Sanelly. The visuals are a continued promotional push for her current single. Bhuti was released in November 2020, with the 5FM personality touting the single as her summer jam offering.

The single speaks to women requiring a partner who matches their financial status. Therefore, the lyrics straddle between empowering women to have their own autonomy, but also the confidence to affirm their want for partners who can match them financially too. The music video is a visual portrayal of this narrative.

Directed by Ms Cosmo under her production house, Ms Cosmo (Pty) Ltd., the aesthetics of the music video reference the pop-art-inspired cover of the single. Moreover, the visuals then showcase the collaborators detailing their desires of a man through speaking to a mannequin. The only mannequin to come alive is Ms Cosmo’s, as it suggests that she has found the type of man she describes in her lyrics.

Watch the Bhuti music video below.