Musa Sukwene opens up about the gap left by Robbie Malinga

Popular South African musician Musa Sukwene of Idols SA fame has opened up about having to work on his third studio album alone, since the passing of Robbie Malinga.

Idols SA Season nine winner Musa Sukwene is opening up about having to produce his third studio album, following the passing of Robbie Malinga who played a fundamental role in his previous projects. Sukwene admits that Malinga’s passing left a void that was not easy to fill. His self-titled album was self-produced and contains mostly love songs.

Speaking to local media in an article published on Saturday, 18 August 2018, the musician commented:

“I went searching for a producer and it was hard because I had already started talking to Robbie about my next album before his passing away. Faced with the reality that he was no more, no one came to mind, so I ended up taking this leap of faith and producing the album myself.”

In other recent interviews, the singer has also mentioned that it was his first time working alone in the studio, saying that the late Robbie Malinga continues to inspire him regardless.

The album features local musicians Laurence Machikiza and The Soil’s Ntsika Ngxangxa.

“My biggest objective was to show the different shades of pop, with a jazzy influence. Working alone allowed me space to think independently and to reference the music I loved, and to share the story with the young and old and across the gaps without making anyone uncomfortable,” the singer concluded.