NaakMusiQ and Prince Kaybee’s feud leads to hurling of insults

NaakMusiQ and Prince Kaybee’s banter on their favourite cars quickly escalated into a social media feud, with the two media personalities hurling insults at one another.

NaakMusiQ and Prince Kaybee gave Twitter users the social media feud they were looking forward to on Tuesday, 28 July 2020. The feud started after Prince Kaybee commented on a post that was directed at NaakMusiQ, who then responded to Prince Kaybee with an inflammatory comment.

When Prince Kaybee did eventually respond to NaakMusiQ, it was with a slight of his own. The Gugulethu hitmaker found a meme of a man who supposedly looks like NaakMusiQ. Following Prince Kaybee’s jape, the two hurled insults at each other, until NaakMusiQ attempted to end the feud by calling Prince Kaybee a “boy.” Prince Kaybee, who was evidently offended by the comment, has continued with posting subliminal tweets, further stating that he is waiting for NaakMusiQ to wake up so they can continue their feud.

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