NaakMusiQ continues to tease fans with music from his upcoming album

South African vocalist NaakMusiQ continues to share snippets of songs from his upcoming album through posting videos of himself in studio, across his social media pages.

NaakMusiQ is currently working on his upcoming album, which is still unnamed and has no official release date. Be that as it may, the artist has continued to share his creative progress  by sharing videos of himself listening back to the songs he is currently working on. One of the most recent videos he shared followed after news of female house vocalist Nichume’s untimely death surfaced.

The video was first shared on Twitter on Friday, 7 June 2019, and features NaakMusiQ in studio with the late artist and DJ Mobi Dixon. The video, taken in selfie-mode, starts with NaakMusiQ singing along to his part of the unreleased song, while he pans the camera to include Nichume. As she gets into the frame, her part in the song plays, to which she sings along before NaakMusiQ pans the camera again to include Mobi Dixon, who can be seen working on the studio’s soundbox.  Although released as a commemorative video, it also provided fans with a hint of another possible artist to be featured on NaakMusiQ’s album.

The song is an Afro-house up-beat song which talks about celebrating one’s belief in ancestry  showing gratitude to said ancestors. Since the publication of the video, it has amassed over 7 000 likes and over 1 000 retweets.

Following this post, on Thursday, 13 June 2019, NaakMusiQ shared a snippet of his latest work for the album. The video features himself in the studio listening to a beat. When the part that moves him the most starts playing, NaakMusiQ can be seen with his eyes closed while he lip-syncs  the short and muffled lyrics.

NaakMusiQ has not yet shared when the album can be expected.