NaakMusiQ lambasts Twitter user for rehashing feud between him and Prince Kaybee

NaakMusiQ took to Twitter to clarify that his comment about Prince Kaybee’s cars in MacG’s Podcast And Chill episode was mere banter and not a rehashing of their social media feud.

NaakMusiQ, also known by his real name, Anga Makubalo, appeared on the latest episode of MacG’s Podcast And Chill, which premiered on Saturday, 20 March 2021, on YouTube. The media star spoke briefly about his love for cars and made mention of the commonality he has with Prince Kaybee, who shares the same passion. He also joked about a conversation he had with the producer, where he claimed that he could afford far better vehicles and extras than he could.

Thereafter, a tweet paraphrased the conversation to state, “NaakMusiQ tells Prince Kaybee that the extras on his BMW M6 can buy all of Kaybee’s entry level cars.” Upon seeing the false statement, NaakMusiQ quickly corrected the user, stating, “Don’t try start trouble. In the podcast, I mentioned that in the earlier days when Kaybee and I were friends I threw that line in in one of our WhatsApp conversations. I went on to mention that it was banter. Don’t be dirty. You don’t get credit for sparking beefs. Not a thing.”

See the post below.