Nadia Jaftha bares midriff in crop top and mini skirt

Nadia Jaftha took on a more feminine grunge look with her latest ensemble, as she paired a mini skirt with a crop top and leather jacket.

Nadia Jaftha’s Instagram post on Wednesday, 22 July 2020, showed her posing for an image whilst preparing for a photoshoot, where she wore an edgy ensemble. The social media influencer has taken on an edgier look since she shaved her hair in May 2020, however, she has made sure to keep in the girly elements as well.

Nadia wore a mid-waist mini skirt with a rouged drawstring and floral print. She paired the skirt with an oversized crop top from Factorie, which showed a washed-out graphic and bore her midriff. She completed the look with a black leather jacket, which added a grunge feel to the look. Nadia wore no accessories with her ensemble.

See the image of Nadia Jaftha’s outfit below.