Nadia Jaftha has her makeup done by Arnando Gericke

Nadia Jaftha and her family recently had their makeup done by well-known beauty blogger and makeup artist, Arnando Gericke, who is also known as Plumboyy.

Nadia Jaftha shared a YouTube video on Monday, 21 September 2020, which saw her, her mother and her grandfather having extravagant makeup done on them by beauty blogger, Plumboyy. The well-known makeup artist opted for an intergalactic look for Nadia, a Pink Panther look for her mother, and a Drag Queen look for her grandfather.

Nadia’s look appeared to be the most intricate, as the makeup artist explained it needed to be created with layers to showcase the space theme. Along with blue makeup and purple accents, Plumboyy added a bright red lip and false eyelashes to make her look more feminine. He then finished off with diamante studs, which were placed strategically on her face to appear as stars in the sky.

Watch the video below.