Nadia Jaftha’s new clothing line, For Everyone Asking, offers comfortable matching sets

Nadia Jaftha recently launched her clothing line, For Everyone Asking, which consists of outfits that match her personal style, as it offers an assortment of comfortable sets.

Nadia Jaftha has grown to become one of South Africa’s prominent celebrities, with her talents branching into many different industries. In addition to music and film, Nadia also boasts co-founding the Dusti Swimwear line, which offers fashionable and unique swimsuits for women.

On Friday, 24 July 2020, the social media influencer and entrepreneur launched another clothing line, For Everyone Asking, which provides comfortable and fashionable two-piece outfits.

The sets are made from cotton material, with the majority of the tracksuits being of an oversized fit to provide more comfort. With the unique graphics and multi-pocketed pants, the outfits can also serve as an errand look. The garments are reflective of Nadia’s personal style, as she has always combined femininity, fashion and comfort in her clothing choices. Nadia Jaftha Instagram page is filled with outfits which show her take on comfortable fashion.

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