Nadia Nakai gets artistic for Kreatures music video, featuring Sio and Kwesta

Nadia Nakai has released the music video for her single, Kreatures, featuring Sio and Kwesta, which features eerie artistic visuals directed by Shala the Unicorn.

Nadia Nakai took to Instagram on Friday, 1 October 2021, to confirm the availability of her Kreatures music video, featuring Sio and Kwesta. The single is part of Nakai’s 2019 debut album, Nadia N*ked. The release of the music video marks the rapper’s tentative return to releasing music. This is as the rapper previously stated that she had taken a break from music following the pandemic and opting to focus on her other entertainment interests.

Kreatures is Nakai being honest about the realities of the entertainment industry, outside of the glamour which is perceived by the people looking in. However, instead of using the visuals to interpret a story which is to the nose, Nakai and director, Shala the Unicorn, opted to have the music video capture the metaphorical interpretation.

Hence, the visuals are dark and goth-inspired. However, they still have signifiers of sensuality and explicitness which mirror the duality of fame and the entertainment industry. Sio and Kwesta feature in the music video through an additional lens of a cellphone and television screen.

Watch the Kreatures music video below.