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Nas announces upcoming album, The Lost Tapes II

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Nas album The Lost Tapes II

Hip-hop artist Nas took to social media on Tuesday, 11 June 2019, to announce the imminent release of his upcoming album, The Lost Tapes II.

In a cryptic video shared on his official social media accounts, the rapper unveiled his upcoming project in a unique yet captivating way. Nas is seen holding an iced cassette tape with the title The Lost Tapes II branded on it. The clip opens with a close-up shot of the tape and pans out to reveal him holding it in his hands, which are covered in gloves. Nas wears an all-white winter ensemble, in an icy room, giving the illusion that the tape has resurfaced from the depths of snow.

The rapper first released the Lost Tapes album in 2002, which comprised a list of unreleased songs from his 1999 album I Am and his 2001 album Stillmatic. Songs featured on the 2002 release include Doo Rags, My Way, U Gotta Love It, Nothing Lasts Forever and No Idea’s Original. The upcoming album keeps in theme with the icy cover art shown in the first Lost Tapes album, which has fans speculating that the track list will also feature unreleased music.

His most recent albums include Life Is Good, which was released in 2012 and his self-titled album, Nasir, released in 2018, which formed part of Kanye West’s Wyoming albums production series. 2019 saw one collaboration with DJ Khalid on the song Won’t Take My Soul. The rapper is yet to reveal the release date of the upcoming album.

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