Nasty C continues teasing fans about Zulu Man With Some Power

Rapper Nasty C continued to tease fans after the overwhelming positive response he received after releasing a snippet of the new music he is currently working on.

Strings And Bling, which was released in 2018, is Nasty C’s most current album, boasting his current hit single, SMA, featuring vocalist and stable mate Rowlene. However, the artist surprised fans when he released a snippet of the new music he is working on for his upcoming album. Posting a still image with the new song as the soundtrack of the post on Saturday, 15 June 2019, Nasty C sent fans into frenzy.

On the post, the artist has a white bar written, “Zulu Man With Some Power. Album [is coming] very soon.” The mid-tempo single featured lines like “You just want more champagne, but you should get more shampoo.” Since he released the snippet on Instagram, the post has received over 300 000 views and over 7 000 comments, while it sits with over 18 000 likes and 4 000 retweets on Twitter.

Since the release of the snippet, Nasty C has been posting under the hashtag, #ZuluManWithSomeMoney. Although not clear whether the title refers to the song or the name of the entire album, the rapper has continued to post  images from the shoot he took for the first promotional image. With each post, he captions with lyrics that will be on Zulu Man With Some Power.

Nasty C has promised to release the new album in the summer time, meaning a release date can be expected between September and December 2019. Reflecting on his Twitter account, he expressed how his sole focus has been working in the studio, even forgetting to eat just to perfect his new material.