Nasty C releases new single, Best I Ever Had

Nasty C has released his new single, Best I Ever Had, which marks the first independent single since his most recent studio album, Zulu Man With Some Power.

Nasty C took to Instagram on Friday, 4 June 2021, to announce the release of his new single, Best I Ever Had. The single marks the self-proclaimed Spank Daddy’s first standalone release since his 2020 acclaimed album, Zulu Man With Some Power. Since the release of the album, Nasty C has continued to solidify his name as an international artist, following his signing to Def Jam International.

The rapper has since released his Zulu Man In Japan documentary. Moreover, Nasty C is currently in the United States, having travelled to Atlanta and now residing in Los Angeles, California. The significance thereof is that he reflects on his travels through cleverly placed references and motifs in the single.

On the day of the single’s release, sister company, Universal Music Group South Africa issued a statement which read, “Best I Ever Had finds Nasty in a mellow mood and comfortably in his bag. He layers his trademark flows over a pulsing beat replete with claps, hi hats and ever-present strings. In a brief yet engrossing listen, Nasty C brandishes his self-assured flow to address a love interest who both excites and bemuses him.”

The single is available for purchase on Apple Music.

Listen to Best I Ever Had below.