Nasty C remixes Emtee’s single, Ithemba

Nasty C surprised fans with a remixed version of Emtee’s popular single, Ithemba, which he added an original verse to because of his love for the song.

Nasty C shared a remixed version of Emtee’s popular single, Ithemba, on his YouTube channel on Friday, 5 March 2021. The rapper captioned the video, “Love this song by Emtee, so I messed around with it a little. Hope [you all] like it!” The song hears the original mix at the beginning, with Nasty C’s verse coming in towards the end.

Nasty C can be heard questioning why people focus on failures rather than success, which ultimately hinders a person from progressing. Nasty C also touches on how he doesn’t have privacy as a public figure, and how people tend to voice their harsh opinions on social media instead of addressing matters with him directly.

Emtee originally released Ithemba on Friday, 29 January 2021, which is taken from his upcoming album, Logan. The original lyrics hear him speaking about substance abuse and how he previously took different drugs to numb the pain he was experiencing. Throughout Ithemba, he continuously motivates himself to rise above the challenges he has faced and continue to work hard without being influenced by the hate.

Watch the video below.