Nasty C strikes gold with Dax collaboration on 40 Days 40 Nights

Nasty C has been lauded following the release of his collaborative single with American trap artist, Dax, with the release of the 40 Days 40 Nights music video.

Nasty C took to Twitter on Wednesday, 6 October 2021, to confirm the release of his collaborative single with Dax, 40 Days 40 Nights, which was released with the supporting music video. The single marks the continued efforts by the rapper to infiltrate the United States (US) hip-hop scene, specifically, the trap market.

Dax is known for his artistic but satirical visuals, which continually push the envelope. Therefore, as the single speaks to the continued pursuit for emancipation from reliance on conglomerates, which are predominantly White-owned, Dax enforces the importance of owning your product or gift, especially as a Black person. Therefore, the music video uses visual tropes which are, in part, inspired by the lyrics, but are as subverted as the lyrics sound violent.

Seemingly, Nasty C’s verse on the song opens with the line, “Don’t sit at my table while I’m eating / Take the food out my plate while they reaching.” Therefore, Dax features Nasty C’s appearance as the rapper sitting on a long table decked with different foods, sitting alone as he details his trust issues due to fame and influence.

Watch the 40 Days 40 Nights music video below.