Nasty C to release a new song on Wednesday

The ‘Juice Back’ hitmaker has excited fans by tweeting his plans to release new music, with many speculating about whether it will be a single with A-Reece.

Award-winning rapper and producer Nasty C is gearing up to release new music this week. The Durban-born musician took to social media on Sunday, 16 September 2018, to inform his fans. Nasty C is currently touring the country on his Ivyson Tour.

“Ay I wanna drop new music,” he tweeted, and then shortly afterwards followed it up with “Ok, I’m dropping new music on Wednesday.”

The rapper’s fans were quick to comment and speculate as to which single he would be releasing next from his Strings and Bling album, while others went on to speculate about him releasing a song with fellow rapper A-Reece.

Twitter user @JnzBeats tweeted:

“It’s a surprise A-Reece feature y’all!!! Save this tweet.”

Nasty C recently reached out to A-Reece on Twitter and invited him to join him on his much acclaimed Ivyson Tour.  This came as a pleasant surprise to many, as the two rappers have constantly been compared to each other because of their age, as well as their breakthrough into the industry. Although A-Reece hasn’t responded to Nasty C’s tweets, Hip-Hop lovers around the country are hopeful that the two young stars will eventually share a stage.

Nasty C further went on to engage with his followers by asking them to submit artwork suggestions for his song ‘Don’t BAB,’ which features Tellaman and Gemini Major.