Nasty C’s fans change their display names in support of his upcoming album

Nasty C took to social media to ask his die-hard fans to change their display names in the lead up to his upcoming third studio album, Zulu Man With Some Power.

On Monday, 26 August 2019, South African rapper, Nasty C, took to social media to challenge his die-hard fans to show their support for his upcoming studio album. The upcoming album, Zulu Man With Some Power, will mark his third studio album, following his widely successful sophomore album, Strings And Bling.

The Jungle hitmaker took to social media to ask his fans to show their support by changing their display names. In the tweet, the rapper wrote, “Aye, will all my hardest fans change your display name to: “Your Tribe Man/Woman With Some Power” until I drop. IDGAF if it’s just [four] of [you]. I [want to] see how proud you are of your roots and how amped you are for my album #ZuluManWithSomePower. Let’s rock!”

It did not take long for his 3.7 million collective followers, across both his Twitter and Instagram pages to show their support. On Twitter, the post received over 3 200 likes, close to 500 retweets and equally just as much comments. On Instagram, it received close to 100 000 likes and over 1 300 comments.

Many of followers posted screenshots of their new display names on the SMA hitmaker’s comments section. Many followed the rules, writing their South African cultural groups like Zulu, Sotho, Tswana, Venda, etc. However, some of his followers took liberties in their tribal names. One follower creatively changed their display name to to A Rose With Some Power. The rapper also received support from his African supporters outside the country, with one writing, “Bemba Woman With Some Power.”

Nasty C is yet to announce when fans can expect the album, only stating that it will be released in the summer. The artist has only shared that he will perform songs from his upcoming album during one of his Ivyson Tour dates set to begin in Cape Town on Friday, 20 September 2019.