Nasty C’s Mbali is Audiomarc’s new single, Why Me

Audiomarc has released his new single, Why Me, featuring Nasty C and Blxckie, which previously garnered social media virality through Nasty C’s Mbali snippet.

Audiomarc took to Instagram on Friday, 8 October 2021, to confirm the release of his new single, Why Me, featuring Nasty C and Blxckie. The feature of Nasty C on the single is not a surprise, considering that Audiomarc doubles as Nasty C’s travel producer and DJ during his performances. Nasty C has also worked with Blxckie in the past on the hit hip-hop single, Ye X 4. Moreover, Blxckie is arguably the most promising rising locally, therefore it makes sense that he was featured on the single.

Why Me is the playful single which initially had social media virality. This was after Nasty C shared a snippet of the single, in which he refers to Mbali in his lyrics. Moreover, in September 2021, Nasty C released Why Me’s music video without the official release of the audio. Therefore, now that the single has officially been released under Audiomarc’s name instead of Nasty C’s, it has been lauded for its trap, meant-for-the-club feel.

The single is available for purchase on Apple Music.

Listen to Why Me below.