Netflix SA promotes Bad Sport episode on Hansie Cronje

Netflix SA has continued the promotional trailer for the already available documentary episode looking at the contentious Proteas captain, Hansie Cronje’s match fixing scandal.

Netflix took to Twitter on Monday, 18 October 2021, to share a post revealing the availability of the local spin-off of the American documentary series, Bad Sport. The series looks at some of the sporting moments which changed or marked a pivotal moment in sports. As the name suggests, the documentary explores scandals and corrupt dealings within different sporting disciplines.

Hence, the local variation of the docu-series is focused on the events surrounding the naming of then Proteas captain, Hansie Cronje, who allegedly match-fixed the final cricket match between the national team and India. The allegation is regarded as one of the biggest sporting scandals locally in the history of sports. The documentary is set to take a deep dive using archival footage and interviews with family, friends and insiders who have first-hand accounts of the events that took place. The documentary is currently available on Netflix.

See the post below.