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Nolo Phiri introduces new Even & Lovely toning lotion

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Nolo Phiri introduces new Even & Lovely toning lotion

The South African actress, who continues to endorse the beauty brand took to Instagram on Tuesday, 8 October 2019, to announce the newly launched toning lotion.

As the Even & Lovely brand ambassador, South African actress, Nolo Phiri, has continued to share why she uses the products and the benefits of them. In a recent post on her Instagram page on Tuesday, 8 October 2019, the actress shared an image, revealing to her fans and social media followers, that the company had launched a toning lotion.

Social media uses flooded the post with questions about the price and the benefits of the products, while some shared their own experiences with the products. One social media user asked how much the products cost, to which Nolo responded by stating the price of the toning lotion, as well as the different sized face creams on offer.

One social media user shared her experience with the product, saying, “I use both products and I love them. The toning lotion smells amazing”, to which the actress responded in agreement. Another social media user wrote, “After giving birth, my skin had dark spots. I have never used anything, specifically for my face, and I tried Even and Lovely, it is the best”, the actress responded by noting that the results were quick.

Many other comments included positive remarks about the products, which Nolo took the time to respond to in agreement.

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Look lovely 💕 Feel lovely. #Even&Lovely

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