Nolo Seabi joins the cast of Scandal! as Seipati

Nolo Seabi took to social media to announce her recent debut on eTV’s Scandal! as Seipati, Tebello’s mom who has unexpectedly arrived in town.

Nolo Seabi announced her recent debut on eTV’s Scandal! in a social media post on Monday, 17 August 2020. The actress took to Instagram to share the news, stating, “Say hello to my new home! So happy to announcement that I have joined eTV’s Scandal! family! I am so excited and I look forward to this new journey!”

The actress has taken on the role of Seipati, Tebello’s estranged mother who has returned to town to reclaim her son from his legal guardians. The Monday episode saw Tebello, who is a favourite amongst viewers, recognising his mother after having not seen her for a very long time. The moment between the two characters caused for viewers to become emotional, with one Twitter user stating, “Let’s hope she [will] be there for him, the boy has been through a lot.”

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