Nomzamo Mbatha reflects on survivor’s guilt

Nomzamo Mbatha shared her lessons from dealing with survivor’s guilt, in light of the news of various stars losing their loved ones during these past few weeks.

Nomzamo Mbatha took to Twitter on Monday, 2 August 2021, to share a post reflecting on how she has dealt with survivor’s guilt. Mbatha, on Thursday, 22 July 2021, reflected on losing the matriarch of her family, who was a mother figure to her and her siblings. The post came after the mother figure was laid to rest and the star had initially stepped away from social media to process the loss.

However, there have since been several losses of loved ones shared on social media by her fellow industry colleagues. These could include the passing of Simphiwe Dana’s mother and the most recent untimely passing of Shona Ferguson. Mbatha shared how she dealt with processing why she is still alive.

Overall, the actress attempted to encourage the loved ones not to carry the burden of continually asking, “Why them and not me?” Mbatha also highlighted that the passing of the said loved ones is destined to be. Therefore, questioning it is to live in turmoil, rather than focussing on honouring the departed.

See the post below.