Nomzamo Mbatha shares touching post on global unrest and racial tension

Nomzamo Mbatha has taken to social media to share a touching post on the global unrest and racial tension, stating that the ongoing violence has moved her to tears.

Nomzamo Mbatha took to Instagram to share a touching post on the current racial tension and unrest around the world on Saturday, 30 May 2020. The South African-born actress, who is currently living abroad, touched on the passing of George Floyd, Collins Khosa and Tina Ezekwe.

She started by saying, “For the first time this week, I cried. For the black race. For my people.”

In her post, she further explained that the passing of the aforementioned are “not isolated incidences. The social-inequities and injustice have always remained prevalent. These are continued everyday realities. Same script. Different names.”

The actress was writing the post from her home in California, before taking to her Instagram Stories to elaborate on the aftermath of the looting that took place in her city.

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