Nomzamo Mbatha shows off features of newly launched Puma 307 sneaker

Nomzamo Mbatha has provided a detailed look at the limited-edition Puma Suede 307 sneaker, which she believes is a must-have for any sneaker enthusiast.

Nomzamo Mbatha took to Instagram on Saturday, 31 October 2020, to document herself receiving the new limited-edition Puma Suede 307 sneaker, which launched worldwide today, 4 November 2020. The internationally acclaimed actress and Puma ambassador revealed that she was one of the first people to receive the shoe, allowing for her limited-edition number, 005, to be printed on the back.

The actress advised her followers on the differences of the new shoe, in comparison to the previously launched sneakers, noting that the Puma 307 sneaker is made entirely from suede material. She also informed sneaker lovers about the background of the shoe, sharing that it was inspired by the 1968 Olympic Gold medallist, Tommie Smith, who sported the number 307 on his sporting attire. Nomzamo also showcased a personalized note from the sportsman, which indicated the exclusivity and authenticity of the shoe.

Watch the video below.