Nota offers first public apology to former boss, Slikour

Nota has had to offer a formal apology to Slikour, following the former Skwatta Kamp member winning his defamation and slander lawsuit against his former employee.

Nhlamulo “Nota” Baloyi took to Twitter on Tuesday, 12 October 2021, to offer a public apology to digital entrepreneur and former Skwatta Kamp member, Slikour. On the day, Nota was dealing with an onslaught from social media users after contentious legal mind, Katlego Malatji, and he engaged in a back-and-forth during the return of Nota’s Twitter Space sessions, ESAM X Nota. Moreover, the embattled music executive had seemingly also slandered the name of former “employer,” Slikour.

Nota’s internship at Slikour and Shugasmakx’s joint record label, Buttabing Entertainment arguably paved a way for his career. This was where he met Kwesta and began working with him on capitalising on his music. However, Nota openly disregarded having worked as an intern, which further contributed to suggestions that he is always revising the past to favour his own alleged superiority complex.

Though Nota publicly apologised to Slikour, he attempted to laugh the public apology off. However, the video clip in question has since been deleted, and Nota was also conscious not to mention his previously inflammatory comments during his shared apology statement. His apology was recognised as one of his first retractions.

See the post below.