Nota partially credits himself for Kwesta’s interview with MacG

Nota has partially credited himself for Kwesta’s recent topical interview with MacG for Podcast and Chill, despite the demise of his and Kwesta’s relationship.

Nhlamulo “Nota” Baloyi took to Twitter on Thursday, 29 April 2021, to commend himself for supposedly arranging the tell-all interview between Kwesta and MacG for Podcast and Chill. Nota made the claim based on his utterances from 2020, during his first appearance on the YouTube series, where he stated that he would arrange for Kwesta to be on the show once MacG reached 100 000 subscribers on his channel.

Currently, MacG boasts 169 000 subscribers. Moreover, Kwesta used the opportunity to promote his new album, g.o.d guluva. However, Nota’s claims of being behind the interview have been questioned by some, particularly because of Kwesta’s detailing of the current state of their relationship.

While Kwesta did not elaborate on the demise of his and Nota’s relationship, he did confirm that they had not spoken since 2018. Moreover, he claimed that their relationship was tainted by financial and contractual issues which they have yet to resolve.

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