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Ntando Duma continues to keep boyfriend’s identity a secret

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Ntando Duma has remained tight-lipped regarding the identity of her current boyfriend, however, she has not refrained from gushing about him on social media.

Ntando Duma’s current relationship has been a topic of conversation ever since she first revealed that she was in a serious relationship with a mysterious man in October 2020. The Queen actress shared visuals of a romantic set-up by her boyfriend, where he declared his love for her. Since then, Ntando has continued to swoon over her partner, however, she has made a concerted effort to keep his identity a secret, causing for her fans to pester her to reveal more.

On Friday, 8 January 2021, she tweeted, “When my boyfriend wants to annoy me, he calls me ‘Duma Ntando.’” On Monday, 11 January 2021, she stated, “My [man] is sexy AF. Yoh!” Ntando has continued to reference the unknown man in her tweets, and has expressed her infatuation and love for him, which appears to have intensified over the last few months.

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