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Ntando Duma disappointed by Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey’s new relationship

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Ntando Duma has, on multiple occasions, expressed her infatuation with American actor, Michael B. Jordan, and recently admitted to being disappointed that he is now in a relationship with Lori Harvey.

Ntando Duma has taken to Twitter on many occasions to confess her love and adoration for American actor, Michael B. Jordan. Her crush even led to her referring to him as her boyfriend, further sharing photoshopped images of them together.

Ntando’s feelings for Michael B. Jordan have become a running joke on her timeline, causing for fans to immediately question how she is feeling now that he is in a relationship. Earlier this week, social media influencer, Lori Harvey, shared images on her Instagram page, which confirmed that she and the actor are officially an item.

One of Ntando’s fans was quick to state, “I just want to know how Ntando Duma feels about this Lori Harvey matter?” The actress responded, “I’m tweeting from the mortuary,” indicating that she figuratively died after receiving the news.

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Sayushka Naidoo
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