Ntando Duma surprised at being called racist

Ntando Duma has expressed her surprise at being called racist, as she refuses to let her daughter speak English when they are at home.

Ntando Duma took to Twitter on Wednesday, 23 June 2021, to express her surprise at being referred to as racist. The reference occurred during an Instagram Live session, which she hosted with her daughter, Sbahle Mzizi. In the live session, when Duma emphasised that she does not believe in letting her daughter speak English when it is just the two of them at home, an Instagram user labelled those actions as racist.

Duma expressed her confusion at the claim. She highlighted two reasons for her confusion; firstly, in the past, she has been clear that she aspires for her daughter to be multilingual. Secondly, she has expressed that she would love for her daughter to be able to speak most of the 11 official languages in the country.

Moreover, Twitter users picked up on how Duma highlighted that the comment was reportedly criticising how she approaches parenting in her house. Duma made it clear that it is her house, her rules, and she will not welcome unsolicited criticism.

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