Ntsiki Mazwai questions validity of Lady Zamar’s allegations against Sjava

Ntsiki Mazwai opened a can of worms when she publicly questioned the validity of Lady Zamar’s allegations against ex-boyfriend, Sjava, suggesting that the Adore singer might have lied.

Ntsiki Mazwai took to Twitter to rehash Lady Zamar’s abuse allegations against ex-boyfriend, Sjava, on Wednesday, 3 June 2020. The poet and controversial media personality questioned what the recourse would be if Lady Zamar was found to have lied.

The question sparked so much conversation that Sjava and Lady Zamar started trending on Twitter. Ntsiki Mazwai was questioned on why she, as a woman, would try to poke holes at another woman’s claims. She then responded by emphasising that she had posed it as a question, not a statement.

Sjava is known for being reclusive, therefore, his silence on the matter was expected. Lady Zamar has also not directly addressed the matter on social media, however, she did post another inspirational tweet amid the controversy.

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