Outer Banks: How Sarah Cameron’s outfits stole the show

With the release of the second season of Outer Banks, fans continue to fall in love with Sarah Cameron’s style, as she is touted as the trendiest character.


For Netflix subscribers, one of the highlights of 2021 was the return of the second season of young adult drama series, Outer Banks. According to Netflix, the premise is about “an island of haves and have-nots, teen John B enlists his three best friends to hunt for a legendary treasure linked to his father’s disappearance…”

While John B is the title character, fans of the show have gravitated to the female leads of the story, Sarah Cameron and Kiara, who are played by Madelyn Cline and Madison Bailey respectively. More than anything, the fans have gravitated to their fashion choices.

Outer Banks’ world and fashion choices

The world of the story is set on a string of barrier islands and spits off the coast of North Carolina and south-eastern Virginia, on the east coast of the United States. Therefore, the wardrobe choices for the characters are informed by the shooting location. In this regard, not much can be done in terms of the styling for the male characters, except in the choice of the colour of the clothes they wear. However, the male fashion consists of cargo pants, t-shirts and vests. Therefore, their fashion is standard.

Outer Banks female fashion styles

The fashion trends and styles of the show are centred on the female characters. A fun fact for those that have already watched both seasons of the show is that the first season was where the character of Sarah Cameron stole the show, with her various looks. She is considered as the trendy one between her and fellow female lead character, Kiara. Kiara is thought of as the casual chic style inspiration of the show.

Hence, Cameron as a character is believed to have stolen the show with her fashion sense. This is as this season, despite being seen wearing less looks, she still maintained her first season fashion style by incorporating her signature floral prints and bralette’s, making them her continued signature clothing item, whether it was in the summer or fall.

The basics of becoming an Outer Banks girl

While the two female leads have different style sensibilities, there are primary similarities that can be incorporated into your own wardrobe to at least being an Outer Banks girl. The first is the accessories.

The accessories worn by the female stars match the world of the story. Considering that it is set on an island, the accessories are minimalistic but make an impact. Whether it is wearing coral inspired studs with a little detail to aspire to Cameron’s sensibilities, with the inclusion of a single thin statement goldchain. Or slighting piling them like Kiara. This is the starter pack for any Outer Banks girl.

Cameron’s fashion sensibility in the summer

Despite the lack in range of fashion looks, this season of the show as the focus was to advance the story, rather than the sole purpose of introducing the characters. What Cameron’s summer looks lack in rage, was made up for in consistency.

While she maintained her denim, daisy dukes shorts paired with a bathing suit top throughout the second season. A trend which she incorporated was pairing the outfit with an oversized camp shirt. During the summer, she mostly paired the daisy dukes and bathing suit top with a short-sleeved camp, tropical print shirts.

Cameron’s fashion sensibilities in fall

Considering that the setting is an island, it would not make sense to drastically change the fashion sensibilities of the characters between the seasons. Hence during the fall on the show, it seems that Cameron could not go off bra-inspired outerwear. Therefore, all she did was to swap out her bathing suit tops with bralettes, lace detailed to be exact.

Cameron paired the fall-coloured bralettes, close to your rich orange or browns, with cardigans of bright colours like your greens. She completed her fall looks with high-waisted, bootleg or wide legged jeans.


Kiara on the other hand wore casual chic, with the colourway being the running through line between the female leads and the male leads. It is possibly this reason that despite the attainable sensibilities of the style chosen that fans still wanted to cop Cameron’s looks.

Cameron as a character being touted as a television style guide has also influenced the same narrative to be propagated about Madelyn Cline. A narrative she has endorsed as she continues to speak on fashion in her own personal capacity as a celebrity and leading lady.